December 6, 2009


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What is it about? is dedicated to generating, developing and spreading ideas. With more than 100,000,000 blogs worldwide, there seems to be no particular need for another one. Still, here it is. I have ideas that I want to share, mainly because I think spreading them is more necessary for the world than trying to make a buck from it myself. Anything you read on this blog is free to take, use it for your own purposes, I can’t do more than hope they’re up to something good.

Who is it for? Everyone who is interested in business, marketing, media and creativity, and related issues. Basically everything except cats. The challenge for me is to think about what’s going on each day and come up with something worth saying a few words about (even it doesn’t happen every day).

Why is it written in English? It’s globally more accessible and provides good language practice for myself.

Why are comments closed? Comments are closed after a few days because my mind tends to wander. If you want to have a discussion on an already-closed post, please email me.


More questions? Again, just email me.

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