November 20, 2015


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Derek Sivers’ idea came in quite handy, because I haven’t been writing a lot over the last months and years. Not that there wouldn’t have been something to write about, but I didn’t (and still don’t) feel like it, because I’m rather busy. So just to give you an idea what’s going on right now…

I’m working full time as a broadcast systems administrator at a TV and film production company based in Hannover, Germany. Besides keeping our own systems up & running I’m currently setting up a (new) news production system for one of our major clients. This will be completed by the end of the year. Next up will be moving our sound studio in-house and refitting it for 3D audio mixing, in conjunction with setting up a high end 360° video post production. At the same time, there’s a TV studio for a Berlin based client being set up and some outbound production to be done, for which I’m also developing some custom-tailored solutions. Speaking of which I also work on a sophisticated Adobe Premiere Pro panel to enhance our workflows…

But apart from that, there’s not that much leisure time since there are some studies in economics in progress, which will (hopefully) be finished in 2 years’ time.

All in all it’s quite a crowded schedule, but I’m still getting enough sleep, sure.

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