May 14, 2018

Privacy policy

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The hosting company of this website will store IP address data of any visitor for seven days for the purpose of fraud and attack prevention.

When visiting this website (like any other website), the visitor’s browser application will send data describing properties of the browsing application and some of the device’s properties. This data is only processed during the¬† visit to allow for a better viewing experience. It is never stored, so it is automatically deleted as soon as the visitor navigates away from this website.

This website does not serve a commercial purpose. Any personal data a visitor enters when submitting a comment to a post (name and email address) is only intended to facilitate the discussion. The aforementioned data as well as the wide area network IP address of the visitor at the time of submission of the comment will be stored indefinetely in the website’s database for documentation purposes, but will not be made available to third parties. Subscribing to comment updates requires a double opt-in by the visitor via email confirmation. Should a visitor desire to have his or her data removed from the websites database, please send a message to ideas[at]ideasarehere[dot]net .

Strong interest is readworthy literature is why there are books recommended to visitors through the Amazon Affiliate Program. These links to the Amazon website are tagged so Amazon will know the source of referral is this website.

If visitor uses the navigational links to the Twitter feed and Facebook page, these entities will also very likely track the source of referral (this website).

Other than that, this website itself doesn’t use cookies. (Sorry, Cookie Monster.)

Should you feel this Privacy Policy has not addressed a question of yours which is of high importance to you, please reach out via ideas[at]ideasarehere[dot]net.


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