April 2, 2017

Who cares about your thoughts?

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This post originally started a whole lot different. I was writing about the how and why writing has been so hard for me over the last four years (long story short, I was too busy with other stuff), but after a few lines I was asking myself: Who cares about your thoughts? I mean, really? Who is taking the time to follow someone else along their trail of thoughts? In the post-industrial western society, we’re so busy to find answers to all our questions, as we believe these questions to be the relevant ones, because there’s always a problem (or a chain thereof) to be solved, right? Time feels always short and getting even shorter. Which requires the person being asked to stay focused, on topic, to not get carried away, which is likely to happen if the question has or implies a higher level of complexity than “tea or coffee?” (and that’s already risky depending on your opposite). And please spare the questioner from telling them stuff they already think they know.

Now…what? Not sure yet. It was just a thought.

December 31, 2010

2010 Roundup

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Although it’s not this site’s birthday today (that was 3 weeks ago, and someone really gave me a present!), it’s a good time to review what’s been going on since then. In slightly more than a year I published 167 posts (15 below target), thrashed about 30 more drafts (good ratio, I guess), but the blog itself didn’t catch on as much as I thought it could. I didn’t believe it really would, because there’s so many good blogs out there, and only few ever become top blogs. Plus it’s ever harder to create something that surpasses the ever-rising sneezing bar. But it’s also possible that it hasn’t even reached a powerful sneezer yet, who knows. I can only look at the numbers and there’s no skyrocketing tendency in sight. Which is good on the other hand, because there’s not too much pressure to ship at a constant level, in terms of timeliness and content. Because even after a year, I still feel there’s a lot to learn for me, and that’s one of my tasks to continue in 2011, which I’m looking forward to, and hope you do too.

Happy New Year!

July 28, 2010

Your opinion matters

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You can now comment on posts on! I’d be happy to see you share your opinion, experience and expertise. At this stage, comments will automatically be closed after  5 days, we’ll see if this is good or bad, adjustments will be made if necessary. Should you notice any glitches or errors regarding comments, please report them via e-mail. Although everything has been tested under real life conditions, that’s no guarantee it works as good on this blog. Let’s discuss.

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