2010 Roundup

Although it’s not this site’s birthday today (that was 3 weeks ago, and someone really gave me a present!), it’s a good time to review what’s been going on since then. In slightly more than a year I published 167 posts (15 below target), thrashed about 30 more drafts (good ratio, I guess), but the blog itself didn’t catch on as much as I thought it could. I didn’t believe it really would, because there’s so many good blogs out there, and only few ever become top blogs. Plus it’s ever harder to create something that surpasses the ever-rising sneezing bar. But it’s also possible that it hasn’t even reached a powerful sneezer yet, who knows. I can only look at the numbers and there’s no skyrocketing tendency in sight. Which is good on the other hand, because there’s not too much pressure to ship at a constant level, in terms of timeliness and content. Because even after a year, I still feel there’s a lot to learn for me, and that’s one of my tasks to continue in 2011, which I’m looking forward to, and hope you do too.

Happy New Year!


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