January 21, 2010

No Spiel

Filed under: general — Erik Dobberkau @ 12:23

A new series of billboard ads has been placed throughout the city, on buses, pillars, anywhere, same old story. Here’s the first point: How much sense does it make to print advertise for a radio station? Besides, they don’t even mention a frequency, so even if there were unsuspecting, yet easily to be influenced car drivers…

But even worse is that the transition from catching attention to arousing interest fails poorly because of a language mashup that’s just plain stupid. What’s more, you have to read the full ad to understand it. Makes you wonder that anyone believes someone passing by would stop and read. The purpose of a billboard is to say “Wanted” or “Buy this!”, and if you want it to tell a story, use one compelling image — there’s no room and no time to give a long spiel about it.

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