Common mistake

There seems to be an expectation, even by people who usually think progressive, that the new should adapt to the old. It could be means of collaboration like software or a new colleague joining your team, somehow there’s a ubiquous, subliminal sense of “embrace the status quo first and then -maybe- you can share your thoughts”. Opportunity killed in less than a second. This doesn’t mean I suggest doing the opposite — it doesn’t make sense either when you overthrow everything just for the sake of overthrowing, you’ll never get to work.

What makes sense indeed is to seriously consider that adaptions of the old can cause a much larger progress in general, even if it requires more effort — which is quite likely since it’s been around and running in the same groove. Of course this is safe, but it slows down the pace. What do you need more to keep up? That is the question. The businesses and people who are open to this and have developed a culture of being able to adapt quickly are the ones that outperform the stubborn ones.


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