Iteration kills the Lizard

Life is like high school. That’s why adults join (Facebook) groups that do nothing but pick others to pieces for their mistakes. It’s just more fun in a group, isn’t it? Besides, it’s safe. You can hide within your 1,000+ peers, too. No personal responsibility. No effort. No value.

What would entirely change the game is a cause. It’s not bad to say “Now here’s a bad example of [whatever]” as long as you say “here’s how you make it better”. But it’s the selfishness of the Lizard Brain that hinders the process. The idea of a limited marketplace. If one person stepped in and helped for free, the lizard assumes, this will ruin business once and for all.

What it really does is iterating the rules of the group on the group itself. That’s what the Lizard’s afraid of, to be killed by the very same means he’s been devising to uphold power. Today this happens quicker than ever.


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