March 26, 2010

Landing nowhere

Filed under: business,internet,marketing,media — Erik Dobberkau @ 20:08

Sometimes you really wonder. There’s been so much writing about how to design landing pages or the starting page of a web presence, and still there are too many companies still not getting it. It’s OK to have a website that uses lots of JavaScript. It’s even OK (though not clever) to have a website that requires the user to have Flash installed on their computer (let’s see what happens when HTML5 is official standard). But it’s not OK to have a site that doesn’t display anything. Well, basically you’re damaging yourself — imagine a client with millions of dollars ready to spend on you — but he can’t, because he can’t even access your contact info. Bad luck.

Back in 2002 the challenge for web designers and programmers was to make a site that looked the same on every browser on every OS. Then it changed to convince your client to have a page that displays at all. I wonder what’s next.

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