Earlier this year a study was published stating that my fellow citizens, aka Krauts, rank their computer and Internet literacy relatively high, which came quite as a surprise for me. I think it was the highest figure of all European countries compared. Last week came out a study stating that the number one country in distribution of malware and bot infected computers is — no more bets taken — Germany.

Combine that with the result of another study concluding that Facebook users (in general) are very prone to spam and abusive clicking manipulation — never mind the fact that they accuse Facebook of ignoring privacy and personal rights, but on the other hand they just click shortlinks on somebody’s wall or blindly forward them, same goes for Twitter — and you get three conclusions:

  • There won’t be less spam in the near future.
  • Antivirus and Firewall software never compensate all user responsibility deficiencies.
  • Not getting an error message doesn’t mean you’re an expert.


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