Smart people

In people’s minds success, commercial success in particular, is always connected with being smart. There’s nothing wrong about it. The common mistake is, though, the assumption of a smart idea working straight away by itself. Idea, presto!, done, applause, Hall of Fame. It’s quite funny because you wouldn’t think that we most likely skip the longest part.

But it’s obvious that we do! Because it’s hard. Because it’s labour. Because it’s seeking risk, not safety. Because most often it’s a series of failures. Because it’s scary. Because it allows us to say “I could never do something like that because I’m not smart enough, don’t know the right people, don’t have the money, live on the wrong side of the fence, etc.” instead of acknowledging the fact that we are smart enough to do it. But we don’t want to admit that we’re scared because there is no map.

But it’s only the areas without maps where original success can be found.


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