Perceived Risk

It’s quite strange how the perception of risk massively influences decisions, especially when from an objective viewpoint there is no real difference.

For instance, young people are recommended to go to a foreign country, travel and work and see what life is like elsewhere. The risk factors then are they might have issues with communicating, finding a job and places to stay. But somehow the parents and friends of these people are almost always dead certain they will do well. On the other hand, when the very same people back home think about quitting their job and starting their own gig or trusting the good gut feeling that everything will turn out fine, most of their close peers will try to persuade them not to, because the risk, they say, is to high. Don’t quit a job unless you’ve got a new one waiting for you, think about the bills to pay, yada yada. But of course, the risk is just the same, if not lower.

Why worry?
Having the choice between someone worrying now because you might fail or worrying yourself later on because you didn’t take the leap, the choice is simple…


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