Chances are you’ve never heard of it, but you might have experienced in a very harmless form. That salesperson who was so nice when you spent the money to buy your new gadget — now it’s broken, you ask for an exchange and he tells you to call customer support. That customer who was the Über-geek when he came to buy his gadget has transformed to a grumpy buffoon.

It happens all the time. People are being exchanged by their evil twins. Of course they aren’t, there are only pivotal points at which the game changes, and sometimes to a non-pleasant turn. A customer converts to a pain in the neck once she has bought the item, because now she can ask for repair, exchange, or refund, even claim punitive damages and so forth. And on the other side, the salesperson does his best to shun people who need his assistance, support and, foremost, understanding.

After all, it’s a question of posture. No matter how entitled you feel to receive a certain treatment, the person on the other side needs at least one chance to take action. When you corner them straight away, they will very likely become upset and angry. This applies for every party involved. Only when we bring good to the table, good will come out, and it will spread. Ill will only causes harm and sometimes long-term damage. Which, sadly enough, spreads too.

(Find the explanation of real Capgras here.)


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