August 10, 2010


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WTF? Here’s the story: Last friday we decided to get a new cupboard for our kitchen, so we went to the Swedish furniture store. We knew we would have to go to a DIY store too, to have them cut the lower bezel board because it was too long and a bit too high (or wide, depending on which way you hold it).

So we went to Bauhaus, one of two DIY stores nearby, and asked the woman at the info counter if they’d cut our board. “No, we don’t do that.” Since we needed a plain wooden board from the DIY store too, we asked “If we get a board from you, you’d cut that?” “Yes.” “…and ours too?” “No.” “Thanks, bye.” So we grabbed our board and went to OBI, which has a reputation for being expensive (but Bauhaus isn’t cheaper). As we approached the info counter, the woman laughed, “Okay, I can already see the IKEA print on the board. You wanna go straight ahead.” Next thing you know, they sliced the board just as we wanted it, and even though there was a “Please consider that due to technical reasons cuts can’t be less than 10 cm from the board’s edge” sign, they managed to cut 1 cm off the edge, just as we needed it to be.

DIY is no future business model anymore. “We do it for you (no questions asked)” is the new standard. (Of course, if IKEA cut the boards the way you need them, it’d be even better.)

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