September 16, 2010

First, make a Point

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If you’re into music, you might already have heard of Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix, a documentary in which he argues by the example of Led Zeppelin that a lot of music we believe to be original is indeed remixed. In his case remix is rather a euphemism for stolen or copied.

Feel free to watch the video, it’s quite educative. The problem I’m having with it: There is no point. Which, if you think about it, is a deficiency of a lot of documentaries, because the information you’re presented with has already been filtered, so the author might as well make his point himself.

The hard part for Kirby is to raise money for the 3 other parts of the series that are yet to come, but how likely is it for someone not making a point to find support? Besides, how likely is it that with today’s consumptive attitude towards music people care enough?

Well, with about 900 “likes” (by the time of writing) he might pull it off, if he had a dollar for every one. Somehow I just don’t feel like buying an affiliate-linked Led Zeppelin DVD from someone who just tried to sell me on the opposite.

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