May 17, 2011


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If every morning you woke up you had no clothes at all but had to wear them you like you do now, how much would you spend? How much would it be worth to you to enjoy the good and comforting feeling of this additional shell, per day? 20 bucks, 30, maybe 50? Or even 100, when you’re working in a suit position?

Maybe you already figured where this is going: How much do you actually spend on clothes? Per month, per year, doesn’t matter. The math is easy, you won’t need any directions, but I reckon everyone spends far less than they would in the above scenario. To me it’s worth a few minutes to think about.

Thing is, unless you’re buying in a fair trade store, buying expensive clothes helps everyone but those who really make them. I trust you to be smart enough to figure the rest out yourself. And I trust you to be brave and responsible enough to really commit to it.

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