3 + 1 Magic Ingredients

For people to bring out their best it takes 3 ingredients (i.e. prerequisites to be provided):

  • Infrastructure
  • Knowledge
  • Responsibility

What about time, you might ask. As defined per Doctor Who, time is “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff”. I see it partly represented in infrastructure (task organisation and distribution) and also in responsibility (everybody needs to figure out the “when” and “how long” for themselves), so time, being a natural constraint, must be allocated responsibly.

And there is one more thing without the other three are useless, one the individual must provide:

  • Initiative

When these four are brought together, individuals can develop, move forward, create, be the best they can be. And when organisations provide the three and get people on the bus with the one, they will do the same as a matter of course.


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